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Our mission is to develop and increase the value of Turkiye’s strategic assets and consequently provide resource for our country’s primary investments.


Together with our investments for our country, our understanding of performance and transparency oriented corporate governance, we will become one of the most successful wealth funds.


Turkiye Wealth Fund has been established with the aim of furthering development and increasing economic stability in Turkiye by the efficient and productive management of public funds, increasing the value of existing public funds to build a stronger Turkiye for future generations.

All transferred public assets and funds will be evaluated in accordance with the investment plans of the Turkiye Wealth Fund Management Company and its subsidiaries and the fund and sub-funds to be established, taking into consideration the current management and business policies, business plans, investment and growth strategies of the companies.

The established Turkiye Wealth Fund ManCo is:

Managed by professional management principles
A corporation subject to private law provisions.

Turkiye Wealth Fund ManCo’s main objectives are:

Contributing to economic growth by ensuring value increase of key public assets
Supporting the development of assets suitable for participation financing.
Actively deepening capital markets by supporting introduction of a variety of products
Attracting further investments to Turkiye and providing capital for new investments
Establish and manage Turkiye Wealth Fund and sub-funds with the aim of further developing strategically important industries and participating in large scale investments

Sources of Turkiye Wealth Fund:

As delineated in the Establishment Law No: 6741, the main sources for Turkiye Wealth Fund are as follows:
The institutions and assets which fall within the scope and program of privatization and decided by the High Board of Privatization to be transferred to the Turkiye Wealth Fund and cash surplus decided by the High Board of Privatization Fund to the Turkiye Wealth Fund,
The surplus income, resources and assets which are in the possession of public entities and institutions within the public sectors and which are decided by the Council of Ministers to be transferred to the Turkiye Wealth Fund or managed by the Company,
The funding and sources which are provided from national and international money and capital markets by the Turkiye Wealth Fund without seeking for the permissions and approvals stated in the related legislations,
The funding and sources provided through other resources in addition to the money and capital markets.

Our Activities:

The main activities of the Turkiye Wealth Fund Management Co. are to contribute to the diversification and deepening of capital markets, to increase the value of public assets in Turkiye with the adoption of universal corporate governance principles, to attract investment-oriented funds to Turkiye, to establish and manage the Turkiye Wealth Fund and its sub-funds in order to participate in large-scale strategic investments.

Turkiye Wealth Fund will provide financing for large-scale projects by increasing the value-added performance generated by the assets under its management. Consequently, with the realization of these projects, Turkiye Wealth Fund will positively contribute to the generation of employment opportunities and reduce the pressure on financing costs. Turkiye Wealth Fund will have a positive impact on the overall growth and development of our country through increased savings and investments.

Turkiye Wealth Fund will implement determined value creation models for portfolio companies and new investments

Portfolio Companies

Create value through a comprehensive transformation program


New Investments

Make new investments in key strategic industries utilizing different investment models,

A 5-year transformation program will be devised for each company in Turkiye Wealth Fund’s asset portfolio:

Best practice management principles applied across all of the portfolio companies
Cross company synergy opportunities
Company specific improvement opportunities
Organic growth, merger & acquisition opportunities